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One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind

Exclusive hand-made and one-of-a-kind statement pieces; intricately crafted at the designer's atelier in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Bali SandalsBali Sandals
Bali Sandals Sale price$160.00
Sunshine Boho FlowerSunshine Boho Flower
Sunshine Boho Flower Sale price$1,400.00
Holidays Look 9 - Metallic Fringes TopHolidays Look 9 - Metallic Fringes Top
Adara Plume EarringsAdara Plume Earrings
Adara Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Amira Plume EarringsAmira Plume Earrings
Amira Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Acacia Plume EarringsAcacia Plume Earrings
Acacia Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Alexa Plume EarringsAlexa Plume Earrings
Alexa Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Agatha Plume EarringsAgatha Plume Earrings
Agatha Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Amelia Plume EarringsAmelia Plume Earrings
Amelia Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Ariadna Plume EarringsAriadna Plume Earrings
Ariadna Plume Earrings Sale price$150.00
Georgia Crop GuayaberaGeorgia Crop Guayabera
Georgia Crop Guayabera Sale price$500.00
Margot TopMargot Top
Margot Top Sale price$350.00
Gaia TopGaia Top
Gaia Top Sale price$350.00
Viveca SetViveca Set
Viveca Set Sale price$1,400.00
Celine SetCeline Set
Celine Set Sale price$1,200.00
Leonesa Skirt
Leonesa Skirt Sale price$660.00
Milena Top
Milena Top Sale price$400.00
Marchella  SetMarchella  Set
Marchella Set Sale price$1,400.00
Turquesa: Elohim HarnessTurquesa: Elohim Harness
Turquesa: Elohim Harness Sale price$1,700.00
Violeta Wrap Around SkirtVioleta Wrap Around Skirt
Violeta Wrap Around Skirt Sale price$900.00
Violeta Mini DressVioleta Mini Dress
Violeta Mini Dress Sale price$2,000.00
Violeta SetVioleta Set
Violeta Set Sale price$3,500.00
Your FAVORITE boyfriend
Your FAVORITE boyfriend Sale price$300.00
Amapola Chiffon Set
Amapola Chiffon Set Sale price$900.00
Very Bali Skirt- PINK
Very Bali Skirt- PINK Sale price$1,400.00
Bea Boho Crop GuayaberaBea Boho Crop Guayabera
Bea Boho Crop Guayabera Sale price$500.00
Bella Halter DressBella Halter Dress
Bella Halter Dress Sale price$950.00
Holidays Look 10 - Mini SkirtHolidays Look 10 - Mini Skirt
Holidays Look 10 skirtHolidays Look 10 skirt
Holidays Look 10 skirt Sale price$350.00
Holidays Look 7 - Denim Mini SkirtHolidays Look 7 - Denim Mini Skirt
Feathers & Pearls Dress - Holidays Look 5Feathers & Pearls Dress - Holidays Look 5
Holidays Look 4Holidays Look 4
Holidays Look 4 Sale price$500.00