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Women's designer dresses inspired by Stella Nolasco's Latin-American heritage. Exquisite artisanship, & sensual designs for the modern woman. 

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Iris Maxi DressIris Maxi Dress
Iris Maxi Dress Sale price$612.50
Rita Braided Maxi DressRita Braided Maxi Dress
Rita Braided Maxi Dress Sale price$737.50
Criss Cross Maxi Dress - Cloud WhiteCriss Cross Maxi White - Stella Nolasco
Stella Maxi dressStella Maxi dress
Stella Maxi dress Sale price$550.00
Stella Braided Maxi DressStella Braided Maxi Dress
Stella Braided Maxi Dress Sale price$612.50
Ariana's Long Sleeve Dress - Metallic SilverAriana's Long Sleeve Dress - Metallic Silver
Criss Cross Maxi Dress - Sunshine YellowCriss Cross Maxi Dress - Sunshine Yellow
Rita Mini DressRita Mini Dress
Rita Mini Dress Sale priceFrom $556.25
Sabrina Wrap DressSabrina Wrap Dress
Sabrina Wrap Dress Sale price$550.00
Gia DressGia Dress
Gia Dress Sale price$487.50
Violeta Mini DressVioleta Mini Dress
Violeta Mini Dress Sale price$2,000.00
Very Bali Skirt- PINK
Very Bali Skirt- PINK Sale price$1,400.00
Bella Halter DressBella Halter Dress
Bella Halter Dress Sale price$950.00
Iris Beaded Maxi DressIris Beaded Maxi Dress
Iris Beaded Maxi Dress Sale price$700.00
Braided Tee DressBraided Tee Dress
Braided Tee Dress Sale price$330.00
Chiara Long Sleeve MaxiChiara Long Sleeve Maxi
Chiara Long Sleeve Maxi Sale price$1,100.00
Elena Cap Sleeve MaxiElena Cap Sleeve Maxi
Elena Cap Sleeve Maxi Sale price$995.00
Look 16 [Monique Dress]: Pasarela Al AtardecerLook 16 [Monique Dress]: Pasarela Al Atardecer
Look 27 [Fiore Dress]: Pasarela Al AtardecerLook 27 [Fiore Dress]: Pasarela Al Atardecer
Wedding Gown from the Pura Stella CollectionWedding Gown from the Pura Stella Collection
Pinks & Corals Ostrich Feathers Dress - Pura StellaPinks & Corals Ostrich Feathers Dress - Pura Stella
Look 21 - Pura Stella setLook 21 - Pura Stella set
Look 21 - Pura Stella set Sale price$2,600.00
Black Chrysler Jumpsuit - Pura StellaBlack Chrysler Jumpsuit - Pura Stella
Black Chrysler Mini Dress - Pura StellaBlack Chrysler Mini Dress - Pura Stella
Look 10 [Midi Denim Dress] - Pura StellaLook 10 [Midi Denim Dress] - Pura Stella
Celeste Embellished Gown - Pura StellaCeleste Embellished Gown - Pura Stella
Look 2 - Pura StellaLook 2 - Pura Stella
Look 2 - Pura Stella Sale price$1,400.00
Feathers & Pearls Dress - Holidays Look 5Feathers & Pearls Dress - Holidays Look 5
Black & White Stripes Maxi DressBlack White Stripes Maxi Dress - Stella Nolasco
Maxi Lace Dress - Stella NolascoMaxi Lace Dress - Stella Nolasco
Maxi Lace Dress Sale price$3,500.00
Shine Lace Jumpsuit - Stella NolascoShine Lace Jumpsuit - Stella Nolasco
Shine & Lace Jumpsuit Sale price$3,000.00
Maxi Dress: Lace Shine - Stella NolascoMaxi Dress: Lace Shine - Stella Nolasco
Maxi Dress: Lace & Shine Sale price$3,000.00